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The hackathon for travel tech innovation

//DATE: April 23-26, 2024
//LOCATION: w3.hub Berlin, Germany
Take part in the open-source hackathon where developers meet leading travel companies.
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Decode travel in 2 days
// Day 01
April 23
14:00Kick-off at w3.hub challenge presentations, team get-together
19:00Pizza Night sponsored by: CaminoScan Logo
// Day 02
April 24


// Day 03
April 25


19:00Pitch Deadline
20:00Ramen Night sponsored by: CaminoScan Logo
// Day 04
April 26


10:00Pitch kick-off
14:00Award cerenomy
//Partners & Sponsors
Join the hackathon for travel Tech innovation
Use cutting-edge
web3 technology
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Leverage Camino Network, the L1 blockchain designed for the travel industry.

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Use Camino Messenger as a powerful messaging tool for travel distribution.

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//Tech Partners
Remedy by Hexens. 360º cybersecurity platform

Hexens supports Decode Travel through its web3 security ecosystem Remedy by providing free access to all participants. Remedy is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge technologies purpose-built to empower the complete security lifecycle of Web3 projects. Remedy includes: bug bounty program, ZK Storage and Glider - ultimate query engine scanning deployed smart contracts across all EVM chains.

Explore Remedy
Playground for

Tackle travel’s pain points without boundaries of legacy systems. Foster digital innovation with web3 technologies.

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Unlock the next generation of loyalty programs with web3 technologies.


Digital identities are coming. Is your organization ready?

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Build the next green decentralized application or tap into web3 offsetting possibilities.

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Leverage P2P technology and connect seamlessly with partners across travel verticals.

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Offer new ways to incentivize travelers.

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Rethink travel and create an innovative application.

Automation & Efficiency

Web3 technologies help automate, streamline and increase flexibility in today's rigid travel supply chain. Save resources and increase revenue through digital innovation.

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//Why attend
5 reasons why
to participate
Travel Companies
Stay ahead in the dynamic travel industry
Playground for innovation
At Decode, you'll find a canvas of limitless possibilities. Your challenges can be as creative and ambitious as you imagine.
Team Spirit & Knowledge Boost
Collaborating on challenges will foster teamwork, and lets your in-house developers tap into web3 technologies.
Fresh Insights
Gain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from external participants competing in your challenge.
Rapid Turnaround
In just a few days, you'll see innovative solutions emerge. Decode's fast-paced environment allows for quick results and immediate implementation.
Effective Marketing
Participating in Decode allows you to showcase your brand's commitment to innovation and growth.
Embark on a web3 travel tech journey.
Playground for innovation
At Decode, you have the chance to win great prizes. Your skills and dedication could be rewarded generously.
Be seen by leading travel companies who may even consider you for employment. Your participation could lead to exciting career opportunities.
For the Experience
Decode is more than a contest; it's an experience. Work with diverse teams on real-world challenges and sharpen your skills while making a tangible impact.
Real-World Solutions
Your solutions have the potential to add real value to the travel industry. Your work can lead to improvements and innovations that matter.
Learning Opportunities
Engage with experts, acquire new skills and gain hands-on experience in emerging web3 technologies and travel tech.
Join the hackathon
for travel Tech innovation
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